Why hiring a VP of Sales too soon can doom your startup

Today we’re joined by Tom Glasson, the founding CEO of Scalewise.

Tom’s here to drop some serious knowledge on hiring VP Sales, and trust me, he knows his stuff.

At Scalewise, they’re helping B2B tech companies by providing permanent or interim, fractional VP Sales.

This makes Tom super qualified to talk about (1) whether or not you’re in the stage of needing a VP sales, (2) the common slip-ups companies make when hiring one and (3) how to nail it when bringing a VP Sales on board.

So in today’s episode, we’ll chat about why timing is everything when hiring, the different “sales leadership roles” and their respective responsibilities, the magic of using an interview scorecard to keep things fair, and why you’ve got to get everyone on board when making this big decision.

Enjoy our conversation with Tom!

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