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Meet These Speakers During Our Roadshow

Why should you join us?

Because it’s just going to be freaking amazing to get together with fellow leaders, who…

→ understand you deeply because they’re going through the same sh*t as you
→ might give you great tips on how to tackle a challenge or two
→ could become true friends because you have lots in common
→ will transfer a ton of energy since we only allow driven leaders

If this 👆 does not trigger you, don’t feel bad by not registering. The above needs to resonate with you. 

Typical Event Agenda

In Amsterdam the event will start at 16:00 (CET) and in Paris, Ghent & Brussels it will start at 18:00 (CET).

  • Welcoming with a drink & casual networking (30-45min) 
  • Welcoming speech (10min) 
  • Keynote or panel discussion (45min)
  • Keynote or panel discussion (45min)
  • Afterwork Party 🎧 🎶 (60min)

For whom is it (and for whom is it not)?

We’re looking to bring sales/revenue leaders together, that’s it. 

✅ This includes, but is not extensive: CRO, CCO, CSO, VP Sales, Head of Sales, Sales Director, Sales Manager, Head of Business Development, Head of Sales Enabelement, Head of RevOps… you name it. 

What’s important is that you are owning final responsibility over the sales/revenue/GTM activities and/or are leading a team of ICs. 

We will be checking on that, as it’s important for us to forge the right connections at our events. 

❌ If that’s not you, do not worry. Eventually, we’ll be able to add on even more afterworks to our calendar and have you join us. For now, make sure to register to our newsletter to not miss future events.

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