How Seismic transformed their sales process to be buyer-centric

In today’s podcast we are joined by Toby Carrington, Chief Business Officer at Seismic.

Toby isn’t just any expert; he’s a mastermind in transforming sales strategies and nurturing customer relationships, making him a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to excel in sales

Our conversation is about how to fit better today’s buyer’s expectations. Toby touches on the concept of aligning sales processes with buyer behavior, rather than pushing a predetermined sales agenda.

These are the three key takeaways you can look forward to:

  • we’ll unpack how B2B buyer expectations have changed and what this means for selling today;
  • Toby will let us in on how we can speed up sales cycles effectively. And lastly;
  • we’ll dive into how AI is shaping not just the way we sell, but how buyers make their decisions; making everything quicker and smarter. We hope you enjoy our discussion with Toby!
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