How to be a top 1% sales leader: the power of coaching

Today we’re chatting with Andy Champion, VP & GM International at Highspot.

Andy was here to share his wisdom on coaching and developing leaders.

One thing’s for sure: things have changed a lot since last year and will keep changing into next year.

Therefore, maintaining a continuous feedback & adaptation loop, facilitated by skilled coaches & great leaders, is something every organization should aspire to have.

And so today, with Andy, we are talking about how leaders can step up their game by investing time in becoming ace coaches, that not only develop talents, but also attract and retain them.

Andy’s going to spill the beans on the mindset shift leaders ought to make, how he is trying to be the best coach he can be in his day-to-day, practical coaching tips like using the GROW model in one-on-ones, and we’ll even touch on how AI is and will be changing the coaching game.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Andy!

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