From 50% to 270% target achievement: rekindling the growth at Criteo

Today we’re hanging out with Pierre Trannoy, founding CEO of Atscale, one of Europe’s leading scaling partner in the tech scene.

What’s unique about Atscale, is that their team of Operating Partners are former CROs, CCOs, VP sales; so, by leaders who have been there, done that.

This has also been the case for Pierre. His first sales leadership experience dates back from 2017, when he took over the sales team of Criteo for the French market.

And today’s conversation will be focused around that experience, as that particular story, is one of ups and downs.

Pierre started as an AE, and eventually got promoted thanks to outstanding performance. However, right after taking over, team performance drops to a low 50% target achievement.

It’s then through impulse control, analysis, building back the foundations, and important decision-making that, eventually, he was able to rekindle the growth to a 270% target achievement.

So, gear up for some real talk on sales, culture, and team building.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Pierre!

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