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MAY 16, 2024 · Antwerp, Belgium

The future state of sales

The #1 Conference about Sales Leadership in Europe

The We Are Sales Conference is the yearly gathering for ambitious sales leaders to connect, learn from each other and get inspired by subject experts on the newest innovations in the field of sales.




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Achieving Sales Excellence by following The Path of Least Resistance

David Du Pré 🇧🇪

B2B Tech GTM Advisor

Session description
David Du Pré is GTM advisor in many of Belgium's most impressive scaleups, such as Henchman, Gorilla, Silverfin, Bizzy and many others.
He also played a pivotal role in Showpad's growth phase, helping increase its ARR from $1M to $20M, and later contributed to Alan's expansion from $100M to $200M ARR.

David is an absolute super star in the Belgian tech scene.

RevOps ≠ System admins: Driving growth across your GTM with RevOps

Toni Hohlbein 🇩🇪

Founding CEO, Growblocks

Session description
On a daily basis Toni helps CRO’s & RevOps with improving their GTM engine with GrowBlocks. 
Toni himself started in RevOps and led 2 SaaS companies to €150-200M exits, as their CRO. 
Finally, he's the host of "The Revenue Formula Podcast", where he interviews the best minds in RevOps & Sales Leadership.

International Expansion: The Secrets to Sendcloud's international Success


Founding CCO, SendCloud

Session description
Sabi Tolou, co-founder and CCO of Sendcloud, he's led the company from inception to becoming one of Europe's fastest-growing tech companies. 

Sabi and his team managed to scale their activities to 8 countries and are currently serving 25.000 customers.

Sabi still oversees marketing, sales and commercial partnerships that are vital for the commercial expansion of SendCloud.

International Expansion: Leverage Local Markets to close Big Enterprise Clients

Vincent Coirier 🇫🇷

CSO, Partoo

Session description
Vincent Coirier became the Chief Sales Officer at Partoo when their ARR was just 300K in France. 

Now, they've reached an ARR of 30 million, with revenue coming from over 100 different countries.

This success makes Vincent an expert in enhancing international sales.

International Expansion: Leverage Partners for International Revenue Growth

Sophie Vandriessche 🇧🇪

CRO, Rydoo

Session description
Rydoo is experiencing rapid growth, with Sophie playing a key role in this expansion. 

She has been instrumental in increasing revenue both numerically and geographically.

This isn't her first successful venture; she has previously achieved similar growth at Genesys, Citrix, and Alpega.

Additionally, Sophie is a partner at The House Of Sales, assisting companies in accelerating their GTM strategies.

The CEO mindset as a differentiator for Revenue Leaders

Hendrik Isebaert 🇧🇪

CEO, Showpad

Session description
Hendrik is currently CEO at Showpad, one of Belgium's most successful scale-ups. He joined the company at 5M$ ARR and helped scale it to 100M$. 

Under his leadership Showpad hit break-even for the first time and is now on track to deliver positive free cash flow.

Prior to Showpad, he spent time at Procter & Gamble and Bain & Co. Hendrik holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and is the very proud father of 3-year old twins.

The winning storyline: how to close more by getting your sales story right

Michael Humblet 🇧🇪

Founder, School of Sales

Session description
Michael Humblet is recognised as the sales and lead generation authority within the Benelux. 

He has written 2 best sellers on these topics:
Nobody Knows You and WHY NOW.

With his B2B content agency 
Chaomatic he has helped over 350 companies to scale their business. He recently launched School of Sales to inspire and educate sales.

Check his inspiring Youtube / Podcast show called 
The Sales Acceleration Show.

So… What EXACTLY should you “Discover” on DISCO Calls?

Becc Holland 🇺🇸

CEO & Founder @ Flip the Script

Session description
Becc is a highly respected sales trainer within the sales ecosystem, with a dedicated following of +50,000 people who engage with her content daily.

Unlike traditional gurus who might just recite from a book, Becc has firsthand experience, having led business development at leading tech companies like Gong, G2, and Chorus.ai.

Additionally, she serves on the advisory boards of various sales development tech companies, keeping her at the cutting edge of effective sales strategies.

With her extensive background, Becc is the ideal expert to explore the art & science of Discovery in sales.

Value-Pricing Tactics & Tools that Boost your Sales Team’s Performance

Laurent-David Hostyn 🇧🇪

Founding CEO, Givemefive

Session description
After working closely with 250 CEO’s Laurent-David has gathered a deep expertise in packaging and pricing strategies. And discovered what most companies are doing wrong on this subject. 

As the founding CEO of Givemefive, he works on a daily with (sales) leaders on improving their pricing & packaging, that translate into closing more & better deals.

AI in Sales: AI-powered Outbound System

Alex Vacca 🇧🇪

Co-founder, ColdIQ

Session description
Alex Vacca is founding COO at ColdIQ, a disruptive lead generation agency.

Together with his team, they maintain a directory of over 500 AI tools, specifically for sales teams.

This has enabled them to define the ideal outbound tech stack for themselves.

They are so effective in what they do that ColdIQ cannot keep up with the demand for their services.

AI in Sales: How Alan Leverages Sales AI assistants

Marie-Hélène Stoltz 🇫🇷

Sales Ops & Strategy, Alan

Session description
Marie-Hélène is responsible for SalesOps & Strategy at Alan, a fast-growing Parisian InsurTech founded in 2016, which has already reached over €350 million in ARR.

In her role, Marie-Hélène is leading the AI-projects for the sales organisation. Their goal: integrating Sales AI agents across the entire sales cycle.

Furthermore, with both companies hailing from Paris, Alan's collaboration with Magistral AI (Europe's counterpart to OpenAI) places Marie-Hélène in an unparalleled position to witness and contribute to cutting-edge AI innovation firsthand.

Marie-Hélène has been the brain behind the implementation of AI assistants at Alan.

AI in Sales: Supercharge coaching with ChatGPT

Koen Stam 🇳🇱

Head of Sales Benelux, Personio

Session description
Koen is an emerging Top Voice in sales & GTM from the Netherlands, known not only for his influential presence on LinkedIn but also as a co-leader of the Pavilion community for the Benelux region. 

Pavilion is an exclusive community of over 150 revenue leaders from rapidly growing companies.

His AI-coaching framework is by far the most sought-after resource among his network and audience.

Therefore, we're thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from it directly in his session.

Meet the Future of Revenue Tech:
Pitch Your Tech

4 Revenue Tech Leaders:
Laurent-David Hostyn (Givemefive), Thomas Neirynck (SalesNote), Nicolas Christiaen (Dealside), Tom Pennings (Salesnudge)

Session description
Thomas Neirynck is founding CEO of SalesNote, a Belgian conversational & AI-powered sales coaching tool.

SalesNote makes a report of every possible customer interaction: conference calls, phone calls & in-person meetings.
Tom Pennings is founding CEO of Salesnudge, a Belgian Revenue Analytics platform. 

Salesnudge delivers you real-time sales insights so you can keep track of your sales performance, know where to focus on & take data-driven decisions to grow revenue.
Laurent-David Hostyn is founding CEO of Givemefive (formerly PricingPact), a Belgian Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) platform. 

Givemefive redefines the B2B buying experience, while making the offer creation process efficient and the pricing to value powerful.
Nicolas Christiaen is founding CEO of Dealside, a Belgian deal intelligence platform.

Dealside is the intelligent layer that deeply integrates within the existing Sales Tech stack of the sales team. It acts as the AI Sales Co-pilot that provides Deal intelligence to manage and convert pipeline on autopilot.
Andrei Zinkevich is the Co-founder of Fullfunnel.io, a full-funnel B2B marketing consulting company. 

With 17 years in B2B marketing and sales, he's the acclaimed author of LinkedIn's top B2B Marketing Inbound book, recognized among the "100 Best B2B Marketing Books of All Time" by Bookauthority.

As Founder of the Trenches community, he's a thought leader shaping modern B2B marketing practices.
Vladimir Blagojevic is the Co-founder of Fullfunnel.io, a full-funnel B2B marketing consulting company. 

With 17 years of experience, he's helped 100+ B2B firms conquer marketing challenges, earning an impressive 4.74/5 rating from 50 verified B2B companies in the last 5 years.

Generating revenue NOW: how marketing and sales can accelerate revenue now while building future pipeline

Vladimir Blagojević 🇷🇸 & Andrei Zinkevich 🇺🇦

Co-founders, Fullfunnel.io

Session description

Recruit Different, Work Different

Krista rampelberg & jan mertens 🇧🇪

CCO & Master Channel Expert, UQV

Session description
Jan is an atypical recruiter, career advisor and organisational change coach with more than 30 years of (inter)national experience. 

He likes to share surprising insights on recruitment, leadership and change. His mission is to ensure the future of companies by offering science-based and easily actionable insights, strategies and tools for finding, hiring and retaining talent, in this ever more rapidly changing business world.

No fake, no show, only what really works!
Krista Rampelberg is CCO at UQ, an HR and Edutech company that builds dynamic learning communities for companies.

In the upcoming workshop, led by Jan, Krista will leverage her sales leadership experience to enrich discussions on innovative recruitment strategies.

Their collaboration aims to ensure the session's practical relevance, moving beyond superficial discussions to truly resonate with sales leaders and recruiters.

Thriving in a Post Manic Phase: Reimagine Sales

Prof. Dr. howard dover 🇺🇸

Professor, University of Texas at Dallas & Author of "The Sales Innovation Paradox"

Session description
Dr. Howard Dover is one of the biggest names in the academic sales world, being the director of the Center for Professional Sales & Sales coaching at UT Dallas.

Because of this, he's reading all the newest research papers in regards to sales and is still involved in sales research himself.

Howard is also the author of the book "The Sales Innovation Paradox".
As Head of Demand Generation at Actito, Margaux has been the execution artist behind the "Sprint Approach". 

She'll be revealing the entire playbook, together wih Jonathan, and answer all the practical questions you may have on the topic.
After +10 years in marketing, sales and product management, Jonathan has built up a passion for helping marketers leverage digital technology to provide outstanding customer experiences. 

His motto drives his passion: “Always be curious, never stop learning”.

The "Sprint Approach" as the Key to Marketing-Sales Alignment for Boosting Your Company's Growth

Jonathan Wuurman & margaux mallien 🇧🇪

VP Marketing & Head of Demand Gen, Actito

Session description

Get ready for a full day about sales.

Doors open at 8:30 and the conference kicks off at 9:15. The last sessions end at 16:30, but don’t leave quite yet, as that’s the start of the afterwork🥂

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