From Red to Blue Ocean: Unique’s pivot and its repercussions on the GTM strategy.

Today we’re joined by Patrick Trümpi, Chief Sales Officer at Unique.

You might know Patrick as a respected thought leader on Linkedin, but he’s definitely more than that: a real strategist and go-getter.

In today’s episode, Patrick is sharing the recent pivot they’ve undergone at Unique.

Back in 2021 they launched Unique, a conversational intelligence platform targeted at tech companies. However, they didn’t anticipate the fast influx of new entrants, making it a red ocean to compete in.

So, they got thinking, and decided it would be a smarter strategic bet to go all-in on one vertical: banking.

Patrick takes us in this pivotal journey. He tells us how they went about this and the transformation the GTM team had to go through.

What’s more, Patrick is sharing some key learnings, relevant for anyone working on enterprise customers.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Patrick!

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