The Scaling Brain Behind Payhawk, Bulgaria’s Unicorn

Please meet Jérémie Trouillet, VP of Sales at Bulgaria’s one and only unicorn.

That’s right—we had the chance to sit down with the scaling brain behind Payhawk.

Jérémie joined Payhawk in June 2022, just after their impressive Series B extension, making them Bulgaria’s first unicorn with a total raise of $225M.

In other words, Jérémie stepped in at a crucial time, tasked with navigating the company through a phase of intense growth and high expectations.

Long story short: in 1.5 years, Payhawk had to go from ambition to execution, including an expansion into 7 regions, increasing the revenue team from 20 to 100 people, resetting expectations for the sales team and building robust processes, among other things.

Tune in if you’re interested in the dynamics of scaling a company, as Jérémie has been sharing his experiences and key results he’s achieved at PayHawk.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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