How this FinTech is closing enterprise clients at +70% win rate

In this episode we warmly welcomed Max von Bahr Emilson, CCO at TrueLayer, on the podcast.

TrueLayer is Europe’s leading open banking payments network.

In September 2021 they raised a whopping $130M, and with that they reached the “unicorn status” – a valuation above 1 billion dollars.

About 4 years ago TrueLayer had just gone from 0 to 1 and they were ready to scale to 10: That’s when Max entered and took over the revenue department.

4 years later they are scaling like crazy: +80 FTEs in the revenue department and they are experiencing closing ratios of about 70%.

As Max shares in the podcast “My problem is not winning the deal- my problem is the speed at which my customers take decisions.”

So how can we also start worrying less about “closing the deal” just like Max?

That’s what we will be unpacking in this episode.

Note: Context is everything and therefore we are aware that Max’s experiences might not be relevant to everyone. Make sure to consider that when listening to this episode.

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