How the highest-valued unicorn in Spain increased new business by 60%

In this week’s episode we are bringing to you Giuseppe Mozzillo, CRO at the highest-valued unicorn in Spain, Job&Talent.

Job&Talent is a world-leading platform that operates as a marketplace for temporary workers, with a focus on blue-collar industries like logistics, call centers, and data entry.

Their GTM strategy is to land and expand inside carefully selected logos. While this was a very effective growth strategy at the beginning, it eventually faced a bump on the road.

The sales organisation at Job&Talent used to be very simple. In each market there was a sales manager leading reps that were responsible for the full sales cycle: landing and expanding the accounts.

However, one can imagine what happens once a rep has too many accounts inside their portfolio: new business starts to decrease.

“Once New Business became less than 5% of the total revenue generated, we understood something had to change.” – Giuseppe

Their solution: split the team in two.

They split the team in a hunting team, focusing on new business, and a farming team, focusing on account management.

This transition, though necessary, faced a lot of hurdles and in this interview Giuseppe shared all their learnings from their experience.

By now, New Business has grown by 60% and totals 12% of total revenue, compared to 6-7% from before the transformation.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Giuseppe!

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