How Swan leads the European fintech revolution through rapid market expansion

In this episode we are bringing to you Florent Tardivel, CCO of Swan, an innovation leader in the world of fintechs.

Swan offers a Banking-as-a-Service platform (BaaS). What does that mean? Swan is owner of an “e-money” license. With this they have the right to perform actions similar to banks (e.g. hold, receive and send money; issue cards) and they offer this license at the use of other companies. Companies that wish to embed banking features in their application.

In this interview Florent takes us in their European expansion. Florent joined Swan about 2 years ago right after it raised its series A.

Back then, the team had about 15 projects secured, closed by the CEO and Chief of Staff. There was no actual sales in place.

Fast-forward today, they have just signed their 100th clients and there are expanding geographically- with offices in 3 countries and doing business in more than 13.

And they are just getting started.

In today’s discussion:

  • You’ll get how Swan started in France but expanded beyond it. As you will see, they purposely embedded an European culture early on.
  • You’ll also get what the advantages are of being local. It’s not always necessary to be local for doing business. Yet, Swan opened an office in Germany, Spain and soon will open one in the Netherlands. Why is that?
  • Last but not least, you’ll learn a lot about today’s condition of the FinTech scene’s and how it’s not too late to disrupt the market, together with Swan.

Please enjoy our discussion with Florent Tardivel.

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