How Shopify EMEA grew the sales team by 9x in 18 month

In 2020 Jim Rudall took on the challenge to lead EMEA’s team at Shopify.

Back then, there was a huge growth potential for Shopify. However, to make it happen, they had to grow and they had to grow fast.

While attacking new segments, new countries and introducing new sales motions, the sales team went from 10 to 95 people in 18 months.

During these 18 month, the team at Shopify shifted from inbound to outbound, moved upmarket and started to cross- and upsell to existing customers.

All these new dynamics had a significant impact on the kind of skills, experience, values, and openness to change that the team needed.

In today’s episode Jim explains us how he went about scaling Shopify, the mistakes he made along the way, and tons of hiring & onboarding tips.

Happy listening!

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