How changing their ICP led Byrd to double their LTV:CAC ratio

Hesitant if you are serving the right customers? Is your LTV:CAC ratio below 3? If that’s the case, you might want to tune in to this episode.

We have invited Petra Dobrocka, CCO at Byrd, to the podcast. Byrd is the fast-growing ecommerce fulfillment partner for (online) retailers in Europe and the UK.

Their mission: providing smaller online retailers with the same fulfillment capacities as the ecommerce giants.

Except focusing on the very small online retailers seemed to be an issue:

“Our LTV:CAC ratio was around 1 to 2. So if you think about it, you invest money to then just generate that money back. This is not what is expected from a successful business.”

And so Byrd’s team got thinking: how to solve for this problem?

That’s exactly what we interviewed Petra about. In this episode we discuss how Byrd increased LTV by simply moving upmarket.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. That’s why in this episode:

  • You’ll hear how they transformed their GTM motions to speak to that new audience. As you’ll see, Byrd centralised a lot around “trust”.
  • You’ll also hear what that meant for the revenue team. For example, how they had to work even more closely together and move into consultative selling.
  • And lastly, Byrd has been moving upmarket whilst expanding to new markets. So you will also hear about the alignment of the expansion team and the revenue team. You might even be surprised by what Petra shared about this…

Long story short, Byrd has more than doubled their LTV:CAC ratio and, among other reasons, this helped them close a €50M investment round last year. Go Byrd!

Please enjoy our discussion with Petra!

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