From PLG to PLS: how Canva introduced product-led sales

Meet Jorge Bestard, head of Enterprise sales EMEA at Canva.

Canva is known for its successful PLG go-to-market motion. However, like with many of the successful use cases in PLG, eventually – and especially if the goal is to grow enterprise accounts – a sales team is added to the motion.

This is called product-led sales. It is obviously different than having a purely sales-led motion. Product-led sales, or PLS, takes the best of both motions: PLG and sales-led.

Now, Jorge has done the move for Canva in the EMEA region, but his PLS experience really started at Miro, when he used to be responsible for the UKI GTM.

In today’s conversation, we are talking about this motion much more in detail and unpack what’s very particular about it.

If you’re running a PLG motion and are thinking to move into PLS, then, please enjoy, my conversation with Jorge!

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