From 0 to €150M ARR in 6 years, the “boring” system that drove Travel Perk to a Unicorn status

An organisation that rebounded from the COVID crisis to reach €150M in ARR in less than 3 years? There must be a story behind this, right? Our thoughts exactly.

That is why we have invited Jean-Christophe “JC” Taunay-Bucalo, Travel Perk’s CRO, to the podcast for an exclusive interview.

JC is a 2-time CRO. His first CRO experience was at Vend, where he grew the company from 0 to 20M ARR in 5 years. The company exited to Lightspeed form almost half a billion.

But JC was just getting started. He quickly took over the reins of the ambitious Travel Perk as Chief Revenue Officer. And wait until you’ve heard that story… Not only did they grow revenue from 0 to 150M in ARR in 6 years, but they did that while facing the COVID crisis in year 3.

What you need to know is that Travel Perk is a travel management software. So COVID for them, meant literally starting from zero. Overnight, business stopped.

In this interview we are unpacking Travel Perk’s story.

  • You’re gonna hear how they went from 0 to 1 in less than a year, and how it’s all about intuition, being focused on a narrow target & hustling hard.
  • You’re also gonna get how they went from 1 to 20M ARR 2 years later, and what their key principles were for this rapid growth
  • We’ll talk about how suddenly they had to face their worst crisis ever and what managerial decisions they had to make that ultimately determined the future of Travel Perk.
  • And lastly, you’re going to hear about how grit, determination, and discipline not only helped them survive the crisis but also emerged stronger from it.

    Please enjoy our episode with JC. If there is anything you’ve learned, we would love to read your main takeaways via a LinkedIn post.
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