Expanding into +700 cities and 40 countries in less than 6 years: Via’s market expansion playbook

If you are planning to expand internationally with your business, I bet you’ll like this episode.

If you are also selling to public organisations, make sure to grab your notepad, this episode is going to be a masterclass for you.

Today we are bringing to you Dillon Twombly, CRO at Via, to talk about their market expansion playbook.

Via is a pioneer in transit tech and with its software they’re enabling organisations to digitise their existing transportation networks and launch new and innovative services, with the goal of making transportation more accessible, efficient, affordable and sustainable.

Dillon has joined Via about 5 years ago with the goal of building B2B sales and customer success motions to propel Via’s growth in their transition of working with cities and transit agencies.

Since Dillon joined the company, Via has experienced an compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 200% over the last 5 years. Moreover, by now, Via has expanded in +700 cities, 40 countries and counts ~ 1,100 people, dispersed in 16 different countries.

Therefore, in our interview with Dillon we unpack Via’s expansion playbook, their hyper-localisation strategy and the challenges they had to face while expanding, such as preserving the global company culture and the sunk cost fallacy.

Please enjoy our discussion with Dillon Twombly.

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