Ep48 Sanne De Ridder | Breaking Silos, Building Success: from the traditional to matrix sales org

Meet Sanne De Ridder, the Chief Commercial Officer at TopDesk Belgium!

In this episode, Sanne shares his journey towards Revenue Leadership.

After finishing university and going through three job interviews, Sanne accepted an inside sales position at TopDesk. That’s where his adventure began.

He gradually progressed within the company, transitioning from inside sales to account manager, then from account manager to sales manager, and finally reaching his current role as chief commercial officer. Now, he oversees a team of around 50 full-time employees.

In this episode, we delve into the transformative changes in the organizational structure of TopDesk. They focused on breaking down barriers between departments and establishing multidisciplinary teams.

We also explore topics such as the “4DX” methodology, which drives high performance, the company culture and how it is maintained, and Sanne’s growth mindset.

We hope you enjoy listening to it!

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