Ep46 Edward Boute | How to apply a 10X mindset in both professional & personal life

Today in Road to Revenue Leadership we have Edward Boute as our guest. Edward is head of Google Cloud for the BeLux region. In this episode we explore different storylines about both Edward’s professional career as well as on his personal development.

From a professional perspective for instance, we go deeper on his love for sales, how he found in Google the right culture for him to thrive and what sets apart great leaders from mediocre ones.

Besides that we get to know that on a yearly basis Edward does a review on his year where he breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly. Next, he’ll proceed to eliminate the ugly one by one, to make his next year even better. Curious how 10X thinking is involved in all this? You’ll find out throughout the episode!

Enjoy the episode!

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