Ep43 Edwin Van Waes | From Manager to Coach

In this episode of the podcast, Dylan interviews Edwin Van Waes, a revenue leader with vast experience in sales and leadership.

Edwin takes us on his road to revenue leadership, from studying engineering to selling technology, becoming a direct contributor first, and then a leader of large teams.

Edwin shares his experiences at Nortel Networks, Cognos, SAS, and Salesforce, among others. He highlights the importance of creating an environment of trust, leading by example, empowering teams to create accountability, and being a coach while also managing.

In the second part of the episode, Edwin explains the fundamental differences between being a coach and being a manager in a leadership role. He highlights the importance of focusing on the basics, making sure the business can be monitored properly, and introducing a drumbeat to keep the pace going.

This episode is full of insights for anyone aspiring to be a leader in their field, as well as for experienced leaders looking to sharpen their skills.


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