Ep41 Sébastien Bruyr | The unique sales strategy of Odoo

Welcome to this episode of the Road to Revenue Leadership Podcast! In this episode we sat down with Sébastien Bruyr.

Sébastien started at Odoo when they were just a few employees and has since grown with the company while navigating their sales strategies and position in the market.

Today Sébastien is the CCO at Odoo. During this episode he will talk about his experience from starting at the small company that Odoo was back when he started at the company to where they are now. Furthermore he’ll share his views on what it takes to be a good sales leader. Lastly he’ll touch on different aspects of the sales strategy at Odoo, like their recent move to change their pricing.

If you are interested in the story of Odoo then this is the episode for you! Enjoy!

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