Ep37 Nieves Canada | Hiring and developing a best-in-class CS team

In today’s episode it’s going to be all about Customer Success.

We have invited Nieves Canada to the show. Nieves is currently Global VP Customer Success at iText. Coming from a sales background, she eventually came in contact with CS and absolutely loved it.

While providing as much value as possible to the customers is her main goal, she still flexes that one sales muscle: proactivity.

Customer Success for Nieves is all about being proactive. Whether it’s to provide more value with the existing business relationship, avoiding churn or generating upsell and/or cross-sell opportunities.

Therefore, in this episode we went even further and asked Nieves what it takes to hire and develop a best-in-class CS team.

We cover topics such as recruiting the team, organizing the team, thinking of career developments, compensation plan, KPIs to track, and so much more.

If you are coming from an account management or customer success background, you’ll absolutely love this one.


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