Ep33 Kjelle Alaers | Coming back from 7 panic attacks due to pressure of the sales job

Kjelle Alaers has been in sales for more than 15 years.

Even though to the outside world it looked like he was doing more than alright: crushing targets most of the time, doing the calls, going into the sales meetings…

However, inside, Kjelle was struggling.

I cannot thank Kjelle enough to come on the show showing that much vulnerability.

I am certain that it isn’t easy for many other reps out there. Sales is hard. We have to face rejections, objections, the pressure of sales targets, and so on.

Having stress is part of the job, but how you cope with it is on you.

Please listen to this podcast if you also value the importance of mental health.

Kjelle shared with us how he suffered from several panic attacks. We hope for you it doesn’t get that bad, but make sure to recognize the symptoms early on.

Sales is hard, but let yourself be in control of how hard you make it for yourself.

Enjoy this episode!

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