Ep24 Steffen Hedebrandt | How to get insights on the whole Customer Journey

Do you know how long it takes, on average, between the first time your prospect hears about your company and when you close a deal with them?

Do you know what really brings in new revenue month after month?

Do you know what marketing activities you should be focusing on?

Do you know when exactly sales must take action to secure an SQL?

All solid questions we, as revenue leaders, ought to ask ourselves.

Well, let’s bring someone on the show that can help us with this. We have invited Steffen Hedebrandt to the show. Steffen is co-founder & CMO of Dreamdata.io.

Their mission is to gain visibility in what actually drives B2B revenue.

That means: capturing, consolidating and transforming customer & revenue data into visual insights. So that you as a leader can make better & more educated decisions.

In this episode, Steffen shares with us some key stats & learnings he got from his experience with Dreamdata.

We hope you enjoy this one!

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