Ep23 Thomas Dalberto | How to kill it as an enterprise AE

Ever wondered what it takes to kill it as an Enterprise AE?

For instance, the rules are different there. In Enterprise Sales we are talking about heavy deals, with sophisticated decision making units & buying criteria. Also, you don’t close a deal just by yourself after a couple of sales meetings. The process is long & requires a lot of discipline and commitment.

That’s why we asked Thomas Dalberto, Enterprise AE at Microsoft, as a guest on the show to clear things up.

We cover a couple of interesting topics, such as: -Should becoming an Enteprise AE be a career goal? – How is it different from other sales jobs? – What sales methodology should you work with? – What is multi-stakeholder management? – What is a “champion” and what’s the influence of that champion on your success of capturing the deal? – How do you make sure you are always a step ahead of competitors? – Who do you collaborate with? – What does the day-to-day of an Enterprise AE look like?

So, are you ready to kill it as an Enterprise AE?

If so, please enjoy the episode!

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