Ep 9 Carmina Coenen | The importance of DE&I, Lifelong Learning & Value Driven Leadership

In our 9th episode we had the pleasure to have Carmina Coenen on the podcast. We start the episode of with the first big topic of the day: lifelong learning. In Carmina’s eyes it’s key to keep learning and improving your skills in order to stay relevant in our fast changing environment. Besides that, not just learning, but really setting up a plan of where you want to go and what you have to learn in order to get there.

The second part of the episode goes deeper into diversity, inclusion and the importance of representation to get to a more diverse workplace. This even led the conversation to the possibility of a change in culture within an organization & how that comes about.

The last big chapter of the podcast touches on Value Driven Leadership. We go deeper into the way Carmina wants to lead her teams and the most important aspects of doing so.

This was only a very short summary of the event, listen the full podcast to learn more about Carmina and these topics.

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