Ep 22 Thomas Van Eeckhout | How Easi built a winning sales culture that attracts & retains talents

Get inspired by the story of EASI on how they’ve built a winning sales culture that attracts & retains talents.

In times where it’s rough to get the right talents, it is key to build an environment and culture that’s attractive.

We have invited Thomas Van Eeckhout to the show. If you don’t know who is, he is co-CEO at EASI, an IT company that provides cloud, security & software solutions.

What makes the story of Easi so unique, is their power to attract & keep very talented salespeople. To throw some stats here:

· They have been voted “Best Place To Work” 8 times in a row · They recruit +100 people per year · In less than 3 years, they have gone from 250 to 450 employees

Together with Thomas, Dylan tries to understand what it means to build a winning sales culture, how to maintain it & how we can try to systemize this in a way that it can grow with the growth of the company.

We hope you get inspired by their story.

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