Ep 17 Jozefien De Feyter | Don’t treat people how you want to be treated

How experiences in acting, psychology & teaching provided the foundations of a sales methodology.

On the 17th episode of the Revenue Discussion Podcast we have Jozefien De Feyter as our guest. In this episode we go deeper into the role of psychology in sales & the importance of a personal approach, both for the sales professional as for each customer.

They always say: “treat a person how you want to be treated”, but Jozefien likes to put it another way: “Treat the person how they want to be treated”. This is just to say that people are different, so you need to act in different ways to put the customer at ease. But remember: you don’t need to have a click with a person to make a sale!

Curious why this is the case? Watch the full episode.


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