Doubling prices with no impact on churn or win rate

Today we are bringing to you Pieter Geeraerts.

Pieter has just finished his mission at Expensya as CRO, and before that, he has hold several leadership positions, such as CEO of Mobilexpense, Chief Banking Officer at Isabel Group and Head of Sales at Worldline, among others.

With Pieter we delved into the topic of “pricing”.

Many of us are not yet pricing the right way. Too often prices are set too low. This could be the case because we are not pricing based on value or because we are still working with the prices we once set up long time ago.

However, Pieter, at multiple occasions, raised prices. Sometimes times 2. And that, WHILE maintaining the same win rate and churn.

Therefore, in today’s interview, we are talking about (1) how to get to the right pricing, (2) the step by step approach in raising prices, (3) and we also touch on concepts such as price discrimination & discounting.

“Once we won a deal, but later I heard that the competitor they almost chose had their prices set 10 times higher. However, we also heard that the price was not among their top 5 reasons for choosing us. That’s when I realized that, yes, we won the deal, but it felt like we lost €2.2 million.”

Please enjoy our conversation with Pieter!

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