Building the enterprise sales business from the ground up

Ready to close enterprise customers?

If yes, say no more, because we are bringing to you Mark Goldberger!

For the last 5 years, Mark has been building enterprise sales teams that are absolutely killing it.

He has kind of built it from the ground up at TripActions. He started as the first and only enterprise AE. He closed the first deals, built a playbook while doing it. He then quickly moved into leading a team, and then a global team of enterprise sellers.

Next, in 2022 Mark joined Ramp as Head of Enterprise Sales. Quarter after quarter, they are breaking records. Just after being one quarter in, Mark’s team was achieving 385% to quota – just to say, Mark knows what he’s talking about.

So today, we are talking about how to build an enterprise sales motion, what it takes to excel in enterprise sales and, Mark’s tactical playbook, among other things.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Mark!

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