Building an intentional culture designed for performance

How about building a culture that drives performance?

Are you bringing the team together once in a while? Are you offering flexible working hours? Can people work remotely? Are you investing in their happiness at work?

If yes, good, but that is NOT what a culture is all about. It can contribute to it, but they sure are not the foundations that defines the “culture”.

This makes us think: what are the foundations of a culture and how can one build & manage it?

Those are the exact questions that got answered by Emily Ponder, Head of GTM EMEA at Front and ex-Head of Sales UKI at Linkedin, on the latest podcast episode.

Emily joined the unicorn Front about 2 years ago with the mission of leading the GTM team in our region. HQ had recruited her along with a team of ICs and another manager to get things started. This means that there wasn’t much of a team, nor culture before she joined.

Today, she is reporting zero regretted attrition and her team has consistently had higher engagement scores than the company average, as well as higher scores for questions relating to ‘being connected’ and ‘understanding the company’s mission’.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll learn how Emily goes about building & managing an intentional culture, Emily’s leadership style & a couple of mistakes she has made while leading the teams at Linkedin and at Front.

Please enjoy our conversation with Emily!

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