10x your prospecting game in 2024

I’m pleased to introduce to you: Steve Richard.

Calling Steve a “sales expert” would be an understatement. Not only did he manage for 17 years a company, essentially, offering sales training and a done-for-you service.

In 2015 he also co-founded ExecVision, one of the first conversational intelligence platform, that got acquired by Mediafly in 2022.

Today, Steve holds the position of SVP Revenue Enablement at Mediafly, the revenue enablement platform empowering customer-facing teams to plan, predict, coach, and engage at the highest levels.

However, in our conversation with Steve, we discuss the new rules of prospecting for 2024!

With the further evolution of generative AI and automation tools, the way to get through the sales clutter has definitely changed, and Steve and I agreed that it wouldn’t hurt to have a honest conversation about it.

We are talking, on the hand, about the fundamentals of great prospecting, and on the other, about what’s working and what’s not in today’s conditions.

More specifically, we touch on concepts such as the 3×3-research, how to leverage chatGPT to come to a good hypothesis, what channels to double down on, what practices don’t cut it anymore, the role of tech in prospecting, how to have strong team collaboration, and when and how to partner with an outbound agency.

In short: a conversation packed with a ton of value.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Steve!

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