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Thursday, Feb 8, 2024 |


18:00 CET

You're invited to Virtual Summit of Q1: “Winning the War for Talent”

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Join us on February 8th for a dynamic session with 5 talent experts. Dive into talent acquisition, innovative onboarding, and effective retention strategies. Elevate your team-building in 2024.

This summit is 100% FREE to attend and fully virtual.

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Whether you’re aiming for growth at all costs or sustainable growth, your talent is your most precious asset. Join over 500 of your peers this February to learn exactly how we can attract and retain A-level talents.

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Thursday, Feb 8, 2024 |


18:00 CET

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Join us for an insightful journey into managing talents: acquisition, onboarding, and retention. Browse the agenda below to discover sessions that resonate with you (and remember to register!)


14:55 (CET)

The Ultimate Guide to Talent Acquisition


Adriaan Ten Bosch,

Founder, Bluebird

This session will explore how to identify and attract the right candidates, especially for startups and scale-ups with limited resources. Adriaan plans to discuss the importance of understanding the candidate’s perspective, qualifying the right fit for the company’s stage and needs, and persuading potential hires to choose a smaller company over larger corporations. He will also address common mistakes and misconceptions in hiring. If talents are what you need, you’re in for a ride.


15:40 (CET)

Closing the Skill Gap: Introducing Individual Development Plans (IDPs)


Pierre Trannoy,

Founding CEO, Atscale

We cannot expect hiring the perfect candidate. As the company evolves, the roles inside the org will evolve too. Therefore, so should the core skills of your talents. However, how to keep track of their performance? the Individual Development Plans, or IDPs, is what you might need. Tune in to learn about how to introduce this initiative as of tomorrow!


16:25 (CET)

Mastering Onboarding: Navigating Common Mistakes and Solutions


Mafalda Johannsen,

Commercial Director, Wonderway

Join Mafalda for an insightful session on the art of onboarding, where she’ll unravel common pitfalls and provide practical solutions to transform your onboarding process. With a focus on both immediate and long-term strategies, this session offers a blend of foundational advice and advanced insights. Learn from real-world examples and third-party experiences to understand what works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re looking to refine your current process or build one from scratch, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to make your onboarding effective, efficient, and adaptable to the needs of a dynamic workforce.


17:10 (CET)

Mindset & Method: Alan's Scientific Approach to Hiring & Retaining Sales Talent


Jessica Speirs,

Talent & Employer Brand Lead, Alan

In her session Jessica will shine a light on the unique approach to hiring & retaining sales talents at Alan. She will highlight how their hiring process is structured and data-driven, with metrics to ensure the quality of hires. She plans to discuss the distributed ownership in the hiring process, where a large task force is involved rather than just recruiters. Additionally, she will be discussing the scientific approach to hiring and retention, including details on skill assessments, performance tracking, and the calibration of interviews.


18:00 (CET)

Building an Intentional Culture of High Performance with DEI&B at the Core


Emily Ponder,

Head of GTM EMEA, Front

Emily will be guiding us in building the strong foundation of any thriving organisation: a performance-driven culture. We’re not talking about the fluffy buzzwords with no impact at all. Rather, Emily will teach us about the core principles of a strong culture, fostering empowerment, accountability and transparency. All this, with the ultimate goal, to drive performance.

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