The Winning SalesTech Stack in 2023

Sep 28, 2023

18:00 -


Audience Advantage HQ, Antwerp

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Exploring the tech landscape to accelerate your growth

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Join us for an engaging round table discussion on “The Winning SalesTech Stack in 2023,” where you will have the opportunity to share experiences and discuss the latest technologies, tools, and their applications with a select group of 15 sales leaders.

The evening will commence with an enlightening keynote address by Tom Lauwerys, co-host and founding CEO of Audience Advantage, who will delve into how technology has set a new standard for value selling.

Following the keynote, two round table discussions will take place. In the first discussion, we will explore noteworthy tools, technologies, and applications that deserve attention. The second discussion will focus on the crucial aspect of adopting these remarkable technologies within sales teams. It is one thing to have exceptional technology in place, but it is another to ensure its effective utilization by the teams.

To conclude the evening, we will gather for an enjoyable afterwork featuring great music, food, and drinks.

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Event Agenda

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Welcoming with a drink



Welcoming speech



Keynote "Value Selling in a Technology Driven Sales Organizations", by Tom Lauwerys, Founding CEO @ Audience Advantage



Round Table "Tech Tools: what are the most necessary tech tools today for sales & marketing teams apart from CRM, and why?"



Round Table "Adoption: how to have your growth divisions adopt and love your sales technology?"



Afterwork: music, drinks, food, networking – good vibes

Who is this event for?

  • Ideal for people in the role of: Sales Excellence, Commercial Excellence, CEO, Sales Director/Manager, Marketing Director/Manager, Head of Commerce, Business Development Manager, Customer Excellence, Customer Success, and Sales Enablement Lead.
  • Strictly B2B
  • focus on hunting, not farming.
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