5 Questions Sales Leaders Ought To Ask Themselves​

Share: Sven Lens Managing Director @ SalesX As market conditions continue to evolve and technology disrupts traditional sales approaches, it’s becoming increasingly important for sales leaders to build & lead modern sales organizations. In order to do so, there are several key questions that sales leaders should be asking themselves. In this article, we interviewed Sven […]

7 Behaviours High-performing SaaS Sales Professionals All Share

Share: Stef De Cuyper Talent Director @ Headlight Having talked to thousands of sales professionals in my career as a sales recruiter, I’ve learned a thing or two about which behaviors top performing SaaS sales executives have in common. Albeit they may be at the beginning of their career as a sales development representative (SDR) […]

The 4 factors that determine your SaaS sales career

Share: Alexander Goovaerts Managing Director @ Headlight When talking to salespeople, one of the most surprising things is that many have a short sighted view on sales careers. Due to the fact that they only worked in 1 or 2 sales contexts, they don’t see the vast amount of opportunities in sales. In fact, there […]

The Perfect Sales Storm: 5 Challenges Sales Leaders Are Facing And What They Can Do About Them

Share: Kurt Ghijsbrecht & Hans Smellinckx Founding Partners @ Markies Sales teams are currently heading into a perfect storm. Many companies will be struggling to achieve their revenue growth objectives, especially if existing strategies and tactics are not called into question. That’s why we asked Kurt Ghijsbrecht & Hans Smellinckx, founding partners of Markies, to […]

How to approach Value Selling in 2023

Share: Tom Lauwerys Founder & CEO @ Audience Advantage We all know this feeling when a prospect asks for pricing of our services or product too early. It’s like being put on the spot, forced to reveal our hand before we even get a chance to play it. We’ve worked hard to build a quality […]