What to Look for in an Advanced Telephony System for Your Outbound Team

Share: In an era where digital communication channels often dominate, it’s crucial not to overlook one of the most effective tools for sales-led teams: the telephone. This traditional channel remains invaluable for building trust and enabling personalized exchanges through real conversations. The challenge lies not only in having the right arguments ready but also in […]

These 3 tactical coaching tips will unlock your team’s full potential

Share: Ever wondered what it takes to be a phenomenal coach? With Andy Champion, VP & GM International at Highspot, we dove deep into this topic. Andy offered a rich perspective on how to elevate teams to their peak performance. “My job is to make everybody in my organization that reports into me directly and […]

How to win more deals faster thanks to the value workshop

Share: What do you do when the market crumbles and giants block your path? 📉🚧 Patrick Trümpi and the team at Unique chose to rewrite the rules. 👇 “A year into the game, we faced the hard truth: competing against giants like Gong seemed insurmountable, and the market’s downturn hit us hard. It was a […]

The #1 hiring mistake when hiring a VP sales for the first time

Share: Are you looking for a first or new VP Sales opportunity? If yes, you absolutely have to listen to this week’s CRO interview, because together with Tom Glason, CEO of Scalewise, we discussed: (1) whether or not a company is in the stage of needing a VP sales;(2) the common slip-ups companies make when […]

Pipeline Review ≠ Sales Forecast

Share: From a flat revenue curve to new business bookings growing by more than 30% YoY. That’s Martin Mackay’s specialty. In our latest podcast episode, he delves deep into three themes that are crucial for effectively revamping revenue: (1) Setting clear expectations for the team. (2) Sales as a process: building pipeline, closing deals, and […]

Why you need Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and what they are

Share: Imagine stepping into the role of Head of Sales only to witness your team’s target achievement plummet to a mere 50%. 😰 “I had been waiting for years to take on this position. Then, when I finally did, I essentially screwed up,” admits Pierre Trannoy, former Head of Sales at Criteo. However, don’t pity […]

Losing €2.2M because of wrong pricing

Learn how Via expanded across 40 countries and launched their technology in +700 cities. In this newsletter we are sharing their market expansion playbook.

Via’s Market Expansion Playbook

Learn how Via expanded across 40 countries and launched their technology in +700 cities. In this newsletter we are sharing their market expansion playbook.

Swan’s market expansion across Europe

Share: Ready to talk market expansion in Europe? 😁 Today, we are bringing our exclusive interview with the CCO of one of the most promising Fintechs in Europe. Our guest is Florent Tardivel, CCO at Swan. With Florent we chatted about Swan’s European market expansion. Swan can serve about 30 European countries, are doing business […]

This is how Byrd 2x’d their LTV:CAC ratio

Share: So let’s talk LTV:CAC ratio. Our friends at Byrd were able to 2x their LTV:CAC ratio. Now, I am sure you are familiar with the ratio, but in case you aren’t: LTV – Customer Lifetime Value, is the estimation of how much an avg customer will bring in revenue throughout their lifespan as a […]

The system that enabled TrueLayer to achieve a 50-75% win-rate

Share: Achieving a 50-75% win-rate in sales might sound like a lofty ambition, but for TrueLayer, it’s a reality. In this article we’ll highlight the 7 cornerstones of the verticalized system that made it possible for TrueLayer to achieve this feat. Set the scene TrueLayer is at the forefront of the open banking payments network, […]